About Us

"A True Devotion to Healing"


At iMEDHealth, we feel it is the doctor’s goal to prevent you from taking medication, unless it is necessary. Nevertheless, we aim to spread healthier habits to prevent health issues. We combine knowledge harvested through the millennia with modern medicine for the best health outcomes possible.

Why Us?

Our mobile and web-based prescription tracking applications are specifically designed with the aim to improve the quality of health, leading to better outcomes. What set us apart is that we constantly endeavor to enhance and evolve our services to meet the needs of the ever growing and persistently changing healthcare environment.

Mission & Vision

We are passionate and focused on delivering healthcare facilities to help you prevent illness. Our mission is reducing your cost by providing Medicine reminder app within Healthcare centers means. Moreover, we use resources to better serve and provide true value to the patients.

Our History

Since our inception, we aspire to promote and sustain health and wellness through innovative prescription tracking application for individuals. Medicine and health is a constantly evolving field and we envision to provide Evidence-Based solutions, through an integrative approach.