Heart Attack Symptoms that You Cannot Miss!


What I am going to describe should never be ignored under any situation! Failure to realize what is happening can lead to severe debility if not death. You have to know the typical presentation of a heart attack and although heart attack symptoms may vary greatly from person to person, educating yourself can be lifesaving.

Some of the common symptoms of heart attack are:

• Left-sided or sternal chest pain
• Tight, squeezing, pressure like and aching
• Moving up the shoulder or the jaw or down your left arm
• Exertional or at rest with these characteristics
• Associated with shortness of breath with nausea and vomiting

The pain is in the chest, left-sided or at the sternum that is gradual and on occasions rapidly increasing in intensity. It may come and go however you must never fail to appreciate that exertion might be aggravating and bringing on the pain. Taking rest may or may not provide relief, however, the pain is surely associated with activity on most occasions. Strangely enough, you are not actually sure what you are feeling! It could be an ache or a discomfort, or sudden sensations of pressure and tightness or as if an elephant is sitting on your chest. Ouch! The chest is feeling constricted and you certainly do not know what is happening. Make sure that you remember these points as it could mean the difference the between life-and-death. This pain may not stay still. It may move to your neck, to your jaw, move towards your shoulder and down your left arm, or may settle in the middle of your back between your shoulder blades.

The pain is not your only concern at this point. You may also be short of breath. You may also have other heart attack symptoms progressing at the same time such as nausea and vomiting, lightheadedness and perspiration for no good reason. Be careful and not let these associated symptoms distract you from properly assessing the situation.

You realize what may be happening and try to take matters in your own hands and take an aspirin or nitroglycerin under your tongue. If this happens to relieve your pain, then that is good for the moment however if it fails to relieve your pain then you should seek emergency assistance and call an ambulance. Regardless of the pain improving or not, you should seek medical attention immediately as this episode may not be as benign as you may think.

If you happen to have associated medical problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol problems and especially if you have had a heart attack in the past or a stroke in the past, then that would surely put you at a higher risk of having another heart attack. Now keep in mind that heart attack or heart attack symptoms could be masked and they may not show up like this. This has been noted particularly in the very elderly, people with diabetes and in females who may have fairly varied presentations and we will discuss that separately.

So now the quicker you receive medical help the better are your chances of recovery and potentially limiting long term debility. Keep in mind that herbal remedies or dietary supplements, yoga techniques nor any breathing exercises or any acupuncture is going to help in this situation. They may have their own benefits which we will talk about that some other time and place. But right now you need to deal with your heart attack properly!

So do not forget anything mentioned above, as these are ‘not to be missed’ heart attack symptoms.


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