How will the iMEDTracker help improve adherence to your medication?


If you live alone and have absolutely no one to remind you that you need to take your medicines, the iMEDTracker medication list and reminder app will be giving you timely reminders. It helps in ensuring that you are not missing any of your dosages.

Our online application, which you can find at the Google play store and Apple app stores, is a helpful, reliable and effective way to:

  • Set up your medication lists

  • Track all your dosages

  • Get reminders exactly, when prescribed by the doctor

And much more.

Multiple pill dosage made easier and simpler!

You can use the iMEDTracker pill reminder system to keep a track of all your multiple dosages, especially if it is hard for you to remember which pills or medication are supposed to be taken with the morning breakfast, at lunch or with the dinner!

Travel anywhere you want to, without the fear of missing your medications and falling ill!

Whether we are young or elderly, it is a human nature to forget. However, the consequences could be severe, if we do not take our needed medication properly.

Have peace of mind with the iMEDTracker medication reminder system, as it allows you to travel wherever you want and without the constant fear that you will miss your dose and fall sick.

The iMEDTracker is the only tool, you need to make sure you take your medications effectively and on time!



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