Is your doctor unhappy with your forgetfulness? Download the FREE Prescription Tracker app


Is your doctor unhappy with your forgetfulness?Do you forget to even name half of your pills?

Do you take care of the health needs of multiple family members?

  • According to the CDC 125,000 US citizens die each year due to not following the doctor’s advice with regards to the medication.
  • Only half the patients taking pills for blood pressure actually take them properly.
  • Only 43% of patients with asthma follow the correct guidance for the treatment of acute asthma.

Get timely pill reminders and never forget to take your medication ever again. Help us in further improving this app. You can truly consider it your own application and your own app! Provide us with your valuable feedback and we will incorporate your suggestions in this prescription reminder app.


The goal behind the idea and design of this prescription tracker is to meet the needs of both the patients as well as their physicians.



MEDICAL ERRORS occur all the time when patients cannot recall the names of their pills and forget why they need to take them. Maintain your medication list. As a prescription tracker app, keep all of your pills as well as herbals and supplements listed here along with the reason for taking your medication and thus be better informed. Add and remove pills and set reminders for best health results. Make best use of this pill and prescription reminder app.



The OLDER MEDICATION which you used to take is an essential part of your medical history. Designed for your doctor and you! Your healthcare provider needs this information for your health management. Essential medical decisions rely heavily on an accurate medical history and on knowing the pills which you were previously on. Help out your doctor and help yourself! This is valuable information! Make best use of this prescription tracking system.



SUCCESS WITH YOUR HEALTH needs proper planning. Scheduling medications at inappropriate times can lead to medication Non-Compliance or Non-Adherence. Take a look at your daily pill reminder schedule with our calendar feature as a part of the medicine reminder app. Access the most feasible times for your pill dosage based on the doctor's recommendations and in line with your daily routine. This is more than just a prescription tracker.



DO YOU HAVE ALLERGIES? Forgetting to mention your drug reaction could lead to adverse consequences which are surely avoidable. Don’t let anyone give you pills you are allergic to. We got you covered. Maintain your drug allergy list and share with your healthcare provider. As soon as you have any type of drug reaction, consult your physician and note it down. This is serious and should not be left to memory. So get more from us then just a medicine reminder app.



How well do you know about YOUR MEDICAL PROBLEM? No issue if not! Through our notification system we keep you informed about your medical problem. We realize you never get the time at your doctor’s office to fully comprehend your illness. For best results you need to be knowledgeable about your health situation which leads to better decisions and actions. Helpful tips and reminders go a long way in improving your health. So download the best pill reminder app.



DO YOU HAVE MULTIPLE FAMILY MEMBERS to support? Are they very young or are they older with medical issues? Keep track of all those special people that are close to you. Make sure their health needs are fully met by downloading this free medicine reminder app. With our seamless user interface, flip through individual profiles and receive reminders and rest assured that the needs of your loved ones will be cared for. We are proud of our prescription tracker designed for the whole family.



YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE PROPER TREATMENT, if your physician does not know your medical history or your medication list? The answer is you will get the wrong treatment! Don't do this happen to you. Make sure you keep on updating your information and seamlessly send your information securely to your physician. This will save you and your position valuable time at the doctor's office so you can discuss the more important things about the treatment. Your physician will love you for this.


Multiple divided doses are among the many reasons for using a prescription tracker. You need to be sure you take them at the prescribed intervals. Too soon and the effects can double up. If you get too late, you run the risk of losing protection against your condition. A mediation list and reminder app will surely help!


To be fairly honest, better to have prevented high blood pressure, diabetes, lung problems or heart problems in the first place. However if for one reason or the other you do have a problem then find the best way to address it. That would include dietary modification, lifestyle changes, healthier habits, and if it is unavoidable, take your pills as prescribed by your physician. A prescription tracker will surely help.


We also have to address causes of medication non-compliance in its totality in addition to our medicine reminder app. It is a whole spectrum of issues that have to be addressed. We at iMEDHealth envision doing just that:

·         Physician – patient communication

·         Cost of therapy

·         Social support

·         Dosage routines tailored for the patient

·         Self-monitoring

·         Knowledge about condition and treatment options

·         Goals of care

With the goal of saving lives and limiting individual and collective financial burden, we at iMEDTracker are dedicated and devoted to make it easier for patients to take their medicines on time and exactly as prescribed by their doctors. Through the promotion of medication compliance and adherence we envision to reduce the risk of fatal consequences and sudden medical emergencies among patients who are diagnosed with illnesses, with a focus on chronic conditions and their prevention and an overall holistic approach with your treatment.

Stay healthy and stay safe.


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