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While the ultimate goal of artificial intelligence (AI) studies is the creation of a machine that can mimic a human mind, the idea behind machine learning is constructing computer algorithms that automatically improve themselves by finding patterns in existing data without being given explicit elaborate instructions. Thus, machine learning can said to be more akin to data mining and statistical analysis than it is to classic AI. Here at Xeven Solutions, we augment Machine Learning to democratize data science because we realize that it can effectively aid leaders in increasing data science productivity.

Many technology companies — both large and small — are now using machine learning tools for image and speech recognition, natural language processing, spam detection and filtering, and advertising. And since we are experts in integrating AI in multiple fields of technology, we provide you best Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services in town.

You can unleash the power of data science into multiple projects; whether you are looking to enhance the capabilities of your enterprise, or maximizing your customer experience, Xeven Solutions will help you with all of it. We specialize in the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the domains of Healthcare, e-Commerce and Automotive industry.


We provide Machine Learning solutions using the following approach


Firstly, we make it a point to thoroughly analyze your business needs and the requirements, and then after studying the task at hand, we come up with a scope of work. This allows us to create a systematic development process to allow smooth workflow at both ends.


Once we have an outline of the plan, we then begin to analyze your data, and visualize all the integral aspects for a better understanding. Then we deduce the most useful subsets of that data and pre-process it to generate a legitimized data set.


After the cleaning and useful subtraction of data, we start adding feature processing to it, which is an essential data preparation process. We use domain knowledge in order to create new, enhanced features in the already existing raw data set. This is done manually in order to avoid any kind of errors. This can only be achieved if the agency has a deep level understanding of the requirements at hands, and the solution that needs to be provided to that model. With our 10+ years of experience, Xeven Solutions provides you with the best possible model that specifically caters to your business needs.


We then go on to create multiple models, and then finalize the one with the maximum potential to yield the best results. This is done after thorough experimentation, explicit feature selection, and high standard parameters until the final model is trained. This final model is neither under-fit, nor is it over-qualified; just the right amount of perfect for your business.


Depending upon your business infrastructure, whether your enterprise level is small or big, the volume of the data processed, and the accuracy of the experimented-upon previous stages, we deploy your model (either on servers or on cloud).


And once the project has been deployed, our team at Xeven Solutions makes sure that our clients are satisfied with the finished model. We help you run it successfully for the time being, and improve it if the need be.



The Artificial Intelligence Label has a remarkable branding value. So many high thriving brands are using the label itself to attract a wider audience. A vast majority of the everyday usage brands, apps and platforms successfully depend on the data. With Xeven Solutions, you can become a member of the stellar list by having AI/ML incorporated to your business model.


It might be difficult to build a large-level enterprise for so many of us, but one benefit of Artificial Intelligence is that it can be incorporated into small or even mid-level business ventures. These technologies can be used by any business and enhance customer growth by eons of folds! Even if you are a layman, our team will help you learn the not-so-complex AI procedures, so that you can reap maximum benefit from our expert consultation. We at Xeven make it our priority to provide you with the best possible solution to enhance your business outcome.


Even the tiniest incorporation of AI in your business model will give you a competitive edge over other companies who are still stuck in their past glory. It not only decreases risk and overall expenses, you will be rewarded with an increased effectiveness, and a better conversion rate of clients.


Owing to our expertise in the field of healthcare, a telemedicine product of Team Xeven Solutions got an upgradation upon the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence into it. We recently developed an AI bot which features telemedicine for a better access to remote and underprivileged areas of society for a convenient access to the doctors.