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Why Should You Choose AWS for Your Company

A collection of remote computing services, offered by Amazon.com over the internet, which make up a cloud computing platform are known as Amazon Web Services. The main purpose of AWS is to take the hassle away from traditional hosting services by allowing you to scale faster, reduce potential risks, and save a significant amount of money. 

Following are some of the reasons why AWS has the best cloud services, and why you should opt for it. 


1. Convenience


One of the major reasons why AWS is so popular among the fraternity is its convenience. Let’s be honest, here. Nothing beats convenience. Why go all the way with lengthy traditional procedures of configuring the servers and writing additional codes when it can all be done within minutes? Moving from hardware, integration with various platforms, implementing fixes and making swift changes, all at one locale: AWS. 


2. Simplicity and Flexibility


For small businesses and companies, AWS provides cost-effective solutions for both online sales and retail. The financial transactions require minimal to no human interaction at all. Other than site hosting, it also integrates smooth, efficient and effective order-processing. With Amazon’s Merchant Account option, consumers can choose their own connected system, which allows them to automatically import orders. This gives the user ability to change and upgrade or downgrade the order at their will usage. This information can then be simply integrated into the inventory tracking. Moreover, it has multiple SDKs (for different platforms like Java, PHP, .NET, Python etcetera) which allow businesses genuine flexibility and agility to cater to the need of the customers. 


3. Cost-Effective Data Storage


Whether the company is a small unit or large, they all have a huge amount of data which needs to be stored online. AWS provides you the option of storing huge amounts of data very securely. And you only have to pay for the services you use. You don’t have to pay any upfront cost for building a storage system. And with AWS, you can infinite and automatic scalability. 


4. Easy Mobility 


AWS Management Console has mobile version for both iOS and Android phones. With this in affect, it becomes very easy to have access to all your data from anywhere and everywhere. 


5. Efficient Data Migration


It can get very complicated to migrate huge amounts of infrastructure like applications, data and servers. But AWS comes with all the tools which make this migration seamless with its low-cost services, making the entire process very efficient. 


6. Streamlined Disaster Recovery 


For any company, the loss of even a tiny fraction of data can spell disaster. Thanks to the cloud computing services of AWS, this disaster can be averted. Even if you are at a risk of potential disaster, it provides you tools to be fully prepared with disaster recovery plan. Your data will be in safe hands. 


7. Customization 


The flexibility of AWS is unlimited. For businesses which require “more”, it allows you high-level customization to fit your business model. The cloud services maintain high standards so that the hassle of managing the company’s data and security on cloud is taken away from you. 


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