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Xeven Solutions provides you hands-on expertise on Cloud servers. We have over ten years of experience and give best application development services in town! You need your application hosted on the Cloud? Let us take care of that. Using AWS and Azure web services, we provide you the best flexible and scalable solutions. Cloud hosting has recently become a go-to solution for numerous application developers because of the unique set of features that come along with it. AWS and Azure are among the best cloud services providing platforms for the job, and because they are a forte of our team, your business will be in good hands.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting:


Setting up a server on Cloud takes almost no time at all. It’s speedy and efficient, and lets you spend your quality time in sections that require more of it. If you need your site online quickly, the cloud enables you to do it very timely, saving you the hassle of setting up the server processes.


Using cloud services can save you money in the long-run. You will no longer have to buy expensive hardware, or spend ridiculous amounts of money on extra manpower or personal IT departments. We, the cloud providers, will take care of that as per your budget, while you can sit back and relax. Moreover, on Cloud, you will only have to pay for the resources that you use. If you are looking forward to a surge in your traffic for a certain period of time, you don’t have to buy the upgraded cloud package entirely. Cloud benefits us by letting us buy only the Azure and AWS managed services that will use to handle that traffic, and pay only till things return to normal.


Cloud hosting makes it so easy for your server resources to be scalable. Depending upon the work load, the cloud has the ability to scale your resources up and down very easily; it is very adaptive towards scalability in order to enhance the performance. Otherwise, it usually takes a lot a lot of time, costs you unnecessary money, and can be very complicated if all you have is a dedicated server. Since Xeven Solutions is an expert is hosting cloud servers, we make sure that you have no issue in this regard. Both Azure and AWS also have to option to pay on a monthly basis, so as discussed, we can adjust your cloud platform in accordance to the growth of your business.


One of the many benefits of keeping your technology platform on cloud is that you can access it from anytime, anywhere! You can manage your projects simultaneously from multiple devices and locations. There is a wider chance at freedom and flexibility, which is otherwise unavailable in dedicated servers. There is no downtime deployment, so the users can have an uninterrupted workflow, even when the system is being automatically upgraded. With a CDN, your website can have a higher uptime. This will also benefit you when one server is experiencing any issues, you will be easily transferred to another server, without wasting your precious time and efforts.


Since your site is not using any physical servers, cloud hosting benefits you magnanimously by giving you the utmost security. Your site will be isolated from other wise petty issues of being hacked, having trouble with hardware failure, or even a same old system overload problems. On AWS or Azure cloud, if your server is experiencing any issues, you can simply shift to another server without disrupting the chain of work.


Both Azure and AWS clouds offer impressively fast speed, like many other cloud servers. In order to help put less strain on a single server’s resources, the cloud helps to balance the load between multiple servers. This not only increases productivity, but also effortlessly increases the capacity of the site, thus optimizing its performance by many folds.

For all the clients who have a reasonable budget and wish flexibility, scalability, and optimization for their platforms, all this with a good value of time and money, must trust us to host their site on the cloud. Using the services of Azure and AWS, combined with the skill of the development team here at Xeven Solutions, your business is meant to flourish!