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Specifically catered to your business needs, Xeven Solutions provides the best ERP Systems and Suites to exponentially enhance the growth and outcome of your company. Our ERP suits are so meticulously designed that they not only benefit your current system, but will pave way for further betterment in the future. Our ERP systems exhibit industry-specific functionality, are capable of handling tons of data, and are flexible to deploy on any premise whatsoever.


The development of our ERP systems is a process of continuous evolution, always striving to provide you with the best; making sure that your need becomes our priority. With our systems, the clients are able to simplify complexity and add significant value to their product. It not only benefits the manufacturer, but also the distributor. With an integration of the latest novel technology, we make an effort towards each client. We can digitalize your product, and thus expanding the avenues for your business. We can streamline your supply chain, which will provide you a greater control over the sales and will make the progress more visible. You can have all of these with a highly personalized and simplified experience.



We implement new solutions to all your queries.


We customize an ERP solution specifically for your business.


We thoroughly optimize business processes.


We successfully maximize the ROI of your products.


We design ERP Plans that yield maximum potential from your business.


Our order and billing management module will create a flow so seamless that it will render the order-to-cash process highly rapid; taking care of every step from order fulfillment to invoice generation and payment reception.

Our team creates systems that will generate accounting standards in a very time-effective manner, thus making it simple for you to create and calculate precise financial statements.

We make the supply chain more efficient with our end-to-end, procure-to-pay processes; incorporating collaboration and self-service features as well.

Using automation and integration techniques, we bring together multiple integral business activities. In turn, internal business processes become more visible, which then enables business owners to take informed decisions regarding operations and finances.

We help you terminate all your financial worries by streamlining all aspects of financial management. It will not only increase capital value, but will also boost the profits and revenue of your business.


Rather than the use of products which are standalone, and thus not properly integrated in separate departments of a complete business set-up, ERP Systems serve as the coherent and cohesive factor which streamlines all these processes.

Following are some of the many modules that we have integrated in our ERP systems over the ages:

• Human Resources

• Recruiting

• Financial Consolidation

• Recruitment

• Supply Chain Management

• Quality Enhancement

• Product Lifecycle Management

• Inventory Management



You can deploy our custom-made ERP suites on Cloud or any other premises, and let your business evolve while you explore other avenues.


You can conduct business transactions anytime, anywhere, while simultaneously improving efficiency and customer care.


You can have ERP Suites which provide highly scalable solutions for swift integration, expansion and implementation.


- We help you maintain the velocity of your supply chain, so that you can keep up with the global competitors.

- We effectively coordinate raw materials in order to maximize profitability, and assist you till the delivery of the finished product.

- We prioritize our data-driven focus in order to meet expectations regarding information accuracy, storage, product management and service.


Every setup needs a precise and pliable software for planning and scheduling all the processes, whether it is manufacturing new products or distributing existing ones. Xeven Solutions understands the needs of enterprise business as equally well of small or multiple site businesses, and provides custom solutions for all.

We provide greater operational visibility to your business, and a better control over customer management.


Vigorous Planning and Accurately Scheduling Software which also has attractive and easy to comprehend visual tools which focus on resource optimization, capability based scheduling, material and outside resource availability, and change management.


Management Tools for simultaneously handling Multiple Sites like plants, warehouses, factories, offices and companies etcetera.


Project Management Capabilities which incorporate capable scheduling, internal and external material resourcing, outside resource availability, change management and optimization.


Forecasting which provides everyday control as well as long-term planning to deduce improved leads and augment decision making.

Xeven Solutions provides the best customization for your company’s needs to thrive in the global market, in this era of digitalization.
We provide:

• Foremost cutting edge technology

• Top of the line business functionality

• Your cutsom website will be properly documented

• Customer- friendly practices

• Exceptional value to all organizations

Our ERP Systems have integrated workflows which are built on future-proof platforms to make sure that your company reaches its maximum potential.