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Find a Doctor and Healthcare Professional LIVE

My live doctors is a comprehensive but easy to use telemedicine portal where you can receive expert medical advice and get treated online for 80% of your health problems! It comprises a panel of qualified healthcare professionals from different fields and specialties ready to serve at your convenience around the clock! Whether you’re in need of a General physician or a specialist, you can instantly connect with one at My live doctors.



Intelligent Clinic Management Suite

ICM is a one of a kind application designed especially for clinicians and medical researchers to attain potential clinical outcome without manual calculations and more obsolete, time-consuming methods. The ICM app has revolutionized the way clinical data is collected, processed and presented. This smart app collects patient information through detailed questionnaires, analyses data through symptom analysis, lab reports and clinical data.




iMedTracker is a mobile and online application, aims to provide quick and efficient communication between doctors and patient including wellfare organizations. Reliable medical services can alse be provided in critical care for emergency situations.

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Xeven Solutions provides you cloud services that will meet your specific custom needs, whether you are a small business or an enterprise. We will help you establish durable, scalable, flexible and cost-effective business plan on the AWS in minimal time.
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Xeven Solutions provides you the best-of-everything ERP Solutions. We are unparalleled in industry functionality, knowledge, innovation and excellence. We provide you trust-worthy, novel, latest and aptly-sized ERP solutions, which are specifically designed for your business modules.
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