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    Flexible SaaS Platforms

    A Better Alternative to Regular Installation Processes

Any industry can be transformed with an outstanding SaaS product. If appropriately utilized, a SaaS platform will not just automate the processes of the user, but will also exponentially enhance their growth. Xeven Solutions provides you excellent expertise to get a SaaS product, as a better alternative to the regular software installation processes. Our team will make sure that your SaaS software is nothing but pure perfection, because we believe that if you are rightly investing in the development of a SaaS product, you will be rightly investing in the future of business software.

Whether you have large enterprise customers or small, you need to subscribe to SaaS products at record rates, because sooner or later every IT department will realize that SaaS products are a lot more secure than other software which are hosted on-premise.

Advantages OF SaaS:


A SaaS software for your users can enhance savings up to a notable extent. A SaaS platform will eliminate their costs of upfront payment of purchasing and subsequent installation. All they will have to do is download your software and just plug-and-use. For the company itself, the more number of people download their software, the more cost-efficient their processes will become.


Xeven Solutions is among the fastest growing companies to provide SaaS platforms. We realize the importance of being flexible and highly scalable when you need to run your business efficiently. Successful companies are all flexible. And if you want to be successful in your business ownership, you need to be able to make quick adjustments to the business without letting the external factors jeopardize your position. Only a good SaaS Software will be able to do that. You can choose the delivery model; and very conveniently even change it when your business module needs changing. This was you can easily get new users, integrate separate systems and merge other components when the need arises. Moreover, the subscription-based licensing renders SaaS Applications easily scalable, which is required to handle large amounts of data from various sources.


Our best software developers will be handling back-end with the cloud, you will not have to worry about the infrastructure at all. Your work environment will be less risky and you can experiment with new projects, acquisition or user base.


It has never been an easy task to select and deploy a business application. Even if the implementation turns out to be successful, some factors like time and effort may crowd it. Thus, cloud applications are a more time-efficient alternative because they can be deployed faster, and so reducing the installation and administration efforts. This quick development and deployment of the app will give you a competitive edge and will speed up your business as well.


Your employs are likely to be a lot more productive if they have an interesting job, which is only possible if the features of your business apps are updated and in accordance with the current trends. These updated features will help your team in making wise and informed business decisions to enhance the growth of your company.


Since SaaS business applications cost less in terms of infrastructure and maintenance, it means that the large sum of budget which is otherwise devoted to the Information Technology department, can now be utilized in other sections of your business. This only increases the growth of your company, since you will be getting fully functional, up-to-date, and extremely secure business applications at a minimized cost.


In comparison to the on-premise system, the cloud deployment of a SaaS solution takes way less time. It can even be deployed across multiple regions, and thus saving more money which would have otherwise been used in the rollouts. It does not even use any hardware, which means that you can employ them anytime, anywhere. Consequently, you will never need to move/shift the entire setups from one area to another, which would have otherwise affected the performance of the business app overall.

Since SaaS software does not depend on the in-house servers, so the network performance can be adaptive to your own requirements. Which is precisely the reason why so many companies these days are shifting to cloud-based SaaS platforms. Because of its fast deployment methods and lower risks of investment, they have become go-to solutions for many businesses all over the world. Xeven Solutions provides best SaaS software solutions for your company, so let us do the work for you!