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Getting that headache again? Your heart seems to be racing! And on top of that, you are dizzy!! So, you forgot to take your blood pressure medication again! Now you are getting those chest pains!


At least 125,000 Americans die yearly due to poor medication adherence. That is an insane amount of avoidable deaths! Our goal is to bring a Medication Compliance Revolution and save lives!!


For some of us, taking those pills is as much a part of our lives, as is the air we breathe. We cannot do anything without the oxygen for a few moments, however, we do tend to forget medications which keep us going as well.


iMEDHealth presents 5 tips on improving our medication compliance in adherence to our doctor’s recommendations and to keep our needed medications on track and taking our pills on time.


1. Know about your medicine and why you need it.


Studies suggest that the more you understand about your health, the more you are likely to do something about it. If you have a chronic condition, know what complications you can develop and how can your prescribed medication help prevent that! Knowledge is power and thus you can take control. Ask your doctor and pharmacist about your condition. Remember, they get paid to answer your questions!


2. Medication reminder or a pill reminder system!


We just forget! We need alarms! “Just forgetting” is a major cause of missing your pills and is of serious concern. It is an avoidable error with grave consequences. Patients with insulin dependent diabetes can miss their insulin dose and end up with diabetic ketoacidosis. Heart failure patients on water pills can end up developing fluid overload by missing a single pill. Pill boxes are one way to do it. Our app iMEDTracker on Google Play and the Apple App stores is an excellent way to never miss a dose! Here, you can easily set up your medication list, get reminders and much more.


3. Have an easier medication schedule


Once a day pill schedules are easier to comply with for obvious reasons. When you start taking medications multiple times a day, it naturally gets complicated. Dosing errors also rise. Try to work with your doctor to take more long acting drugs, if possible. A pill reminder system such as the iMEDtracker medication list and reminder app will be even more essential for multiple time dosing. 


Now with multiple pill times, you need to be sure you take them at the prescribed intervals. Take your medicine according to the prescription to double up the effects. If you get late, you might run the risk of losing protection against your disease. Losing control of your blood pressure, as an example leads to getting dizzy, headache, palpitations etc. 


4- Set goals of therapy. Know what to target! 


Must set your goals! 


  • What is acceptable, if you have asthma? How many times, using a rescue inhaler considered acceptable in a month? Or not acceptable at all?
  • What should be your morning sugar level? What should be your after-meals level? Having an active knowledge of your sugar control boundaries is essential in preventing long term complications.
  • Should you maintain your systolic blood pressure to less than 120 or 130?
  • What are your targets, based on your medical issues?

The more targets you set, the more you will care and be compliant! 

5. Never get disheartened! Health is wealth

Your health is the most important thing in your life. If you do have a setback, get back on track. Talk to your doctor. Get some motivation for yourself and for the people who love you dearly. The goal is to have a better quality of life and good health will bring that to you. 


Go out on that hiking trip with your grandchildren. Or drive your car with your kids, without any worry of having a seizure. Only if you are healthy, you will be able to enjoy what you want. Achieve these basic goals. And if good health for you is sustained by taking your pills, then take it as recommended by your doctor. 


Having said this, it is your doctor’s goal to prevent you from taking medication, but if you have to, you must take them properly.

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You can watch our video tutorials. We have all been there with our highs and lows. But together, we are strong and can be a source of inspiration and guidance to others who need it. 


Stay healthy and stay safe.