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A simple, efficient way to manage your medications
right from your smartphone with the help of
Prescription tracking system

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prescription tracker

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The iMEDTracker App

Many More Features

It’s what you need for your next doctor’s appointment.

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prescription tracker

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Always take your medication on time.
Stay healthy, stay safe and join the Medication Compliance Revolution!

Our goal is to reducing costs by providing Medicine reminder app, Healthcare centers means and resources to better serve and provide true value to...

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We aspire to promote and sustain health and wellness by innovative prescription tracking products and applications for individuals and Healthcare facilities alike...


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In ease of use and simplicity, we beat all the competition. It’s what you need.


iMEDTracker was created keeping in mind the needs of both you and your doctor.


Easily manage medications of multiple family members, all from a single App.

Special Features

Get your doctor in on the action. Simply ask them to download the Android / iPhone app. With three taps, they will be able to access your medication list for the best advice.

Select Your Language

A number of languages are available to use iMEDTracker app, including English, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

Select Your Role

This app intended to develop a web based Medical Practice Management system for both doctors and patients.

Select Your Frequency

Depending on the illness, a patient can set frequency on his or her particular needs.

Share with Physician

Share your medication with physician, as online physician advice can help you with the best treatment.


Medication List

Current and past medication list will be updated after entering the general details.

My Drug Allergies

Add Allergic medicines to be sure of your allergies. This helps in taking alternative medicines to block its symptoms.

My Medication Calendar

With respect to time and date of medicine, My Medication Calendar helps in tracking your schedule.

My Dependents

Use this useful app on the behalf of your dependent.

Download From

App Stores

iMEDTracker is available on the itunes and Google Play in seven major languages for ease of use.

Take control of your health with iMEDTracker, the simplest and easiest way to track your pills and share prescriptions with your doctor.


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Track your prescription schedule. See what medications are coming up. Plan your day on your own terms.